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Sixteen Years

by Aaron Mora

The Presbyterian Church was located about a mile from my home on Candler Street in Winder, Georgia. I could ride the distance on my “Blue Horse” bicycle in about five minutes. I know that may seem slow to some, but I enjoyed the ride and I was only twelve years old. Times were different then. […]

Rotating Homeless Shelter

by Aaron Mora

Last week Community Church was the host site for the Isabella County Rotating Homeless Shelter. It was a huge success because of our volunteers’ hard work, grace, acceptance and love for our shelter guests. Throughout the week, nearly 70 volunteers transported shelter supplies, made and served food, greeted and socialized with guests, provided overnight security, cleaned […]

Samantha Campbell – We Are Community Church

by Aaron Mora

Samantha Campbell Recently Baptized with her kids – recently joined worship ministry. Taking faith seriously again. Has attended Community Church on and off for 10 years, last 6 months steady, new commitment. Quotes: “My faith never went anywhere. I’ve always had it, but I’ve never been active in the church. I’ve never felt worthy. I see people serving and […]

Shara Duke – We Are Community Church

by Aaron Mora

Shara Duke Started attending Community Church when Scott McKee was about to leave Volunteers in kitchen/cooking, gift of serving Quotes: “My mom was adamant about dinnertime. Growing up in a family of eight, I learned to cook big meals. The kitchen is a comfortable place for me to serve God. “ “Lives are changes behind kitchen doors […]