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You want me to do what at work?

by Alan Cullen

The results are in. 89% of employees have admitted to wasting time at work! In an article about workplace productivity, one ‘creative, all-star employee’ said he was praying when caught fast asleep at his desk! A married employee denied visiting a dating web site, while the web site was still up on their screen! And finally, an employee […]

Walk Like A Man

by Alan Cullen

How do you teach a boy what it means to be a man? Equally so, how do you show a girl how to be a woman. By the time a boy is five, he is subconsciously copying his Father’s walk. How’s your walk? Boys need to hear their Father say that they are strong. Girls need to […]

The Power of the Piggy Bank

by Alan Cullen

Most of my life is not spent in big dramatic moments. Most of my life is not spent on the edge of a cliff, the edge of a finish line or the end of my rope. The majority of my day is spent in the normalness of a daily routine. Herein lies a key to […]

Be On The Same Page

by Alan Cullen

Spouses should be on the same page when it comes to finances. If you are married, than this post is for you. If you ever plan on getting married, than this topic has to be a non-negotiable and ongoing conversation before you say ‘I do’.  A major relationship pitfall is the painful reality of financial angst. Having a […]