Happy EasterEaster is my favorite day of the year.  I remember awaking to the warm sunlight in my southern home town. It was most often mid to late April when Easter fell.  We were up early. The sunrise service was actually early, 6:30am.  All the colors of the beautiful dresses, and the hats the women had purchased just for this Sunday were fantastic. It was the only Sunday I was required to wear a shirt and tie with a coat. So, maybe that wasn’t so great for a young, grammar school kid!

But there was something else that I liked. Even though I was not yet a follower of Christ, I loved hearing the story of how He died and was buried and rose again. First Presbyterian Church of Winder, Georgia was a small church. But on this day, it was filled with voices, every seat was taken, the choir was awesome!  And, the message… of all the messages I’ve forgotten over the years because they meant very little to me as a child, the ones I remember were always on Easter.  Little did I know at that time that my heart was already being prepared by the Lord to grasp the truths of this day and make them my own.

I hope when you come to Community Church this Sunday, you will also grasp the truth that the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ, is alive! We celebrate His resurrection. The music will be powerful. The colors in the hats and dresses will still reflect the rainbow. But most of all, the message will be the same.  Today is all about Jesus.  God bless you.



Dr. Wally Hostetter is a co-pastor at Mount Pleasant Community Church.