Who: Everyone! All Element & Crave students 6th-12th grade!
When: November 18, 2017
Cost:  Free
Location:  Community Church

Purpose: We love to have fun at studentLife and nothing says fun like shooting our friends with foam darts. Join us on Saturday, November 18th, as we have nerf war across the church.

Schedule: Meet at 7:00pm at The Loft and we’ll distribute nerf guns and ammo, go over the rules, and divide into teams. We’ll play for about an hour to an hour and a half, clean up the church, and be done by 9:00pm.

If your student owns a Nerf gun please have them plan on bringing the gun and ammo to the church to use during the Nerf War.

If your student owns multiple Nerf guns and would be willing please have them bring a gun and ammo for themselves, as well as extras for other students to use.

If your student wants to attend and doesn’t own a Nerf gun that’s ok! We plan on having some extras at the church and we should have enough for everyone to be armed and ready for the fun!

We strongly encourage students to label their Nerf Guns (and ammo) to ensure they are returned to the right place at the end of the night. studentLife will also provide extra ammo for the evening.

 studentLife: Nerf War Registration