Being in a group is one of the best ways to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  God doesn’t want any of us to be left to walk through life alone – we need each other to encourage, support, and challenge one another.

We have three primary group categories where you can connect at Community Church:

  • Community Groups – This is our primary group type where members practice “doing life” together.  These groups have regular rhythms of worship, discipleship, and mission and are engaged with Sunday morning teaching series.
  • Alpha – Alpha is a ten week course which explores the big questions in life.  It covers the basics of faith in a fun and supportive environment. (The next season of Alpha is planned for Spring 2019!)
  • Freedom – A powerful and engaging eight week presentation of truth that will challenge every man or woman and move them into freedom.

We encourage people to sign up and form new groups several times a year, but there are groups that are open to new members all year long!

Ready to sign up for a group?