At studentLife our desire is for students to find a welcoming community, knowledge of a God who loves them, and a practical foundation on how to live a Christian life.  This cannot happen without a dedicated team of adults who are interested in building relationships with students and pointing them towards Christ.

To accomplish our mission we focus on three main areas:

Love God: Weekly programming with the intent of building friendships, gaining biblical knowledge, and having a great time along the way.

Share Life: Our weekly programming ends with small groups, designed to push students deeper in their faith as they wrestle with questions related to the message, talk about struggles in their day to day lives, and learn what it means to be surrounded by other believers who support them.

Impact Others: StudentLife has several opportunities for students to participate in outreach based summer missions trips, as well as serve locally through the church. These trips are a great way for students to witness the change that can be affected when they step out of their own, comfortable world and seek to show God’s love to others as they begin to understand what it truly means to be a Christ follower.

We could not begin to tackle these goals without the dedication and hard work of a team of leaders who truly care about impacting the lives of students.  We are so thankful for their investment!

We are always on the look out for incredible leaders looking to join our fun team with an incredible purpose.  Joining the studentLife leadership team is a great opportunity to use your gifts and talents to care for students and give them a very real picture of God’s heart for their lives. Sometimes there is a misconception that to really make an impact in a student’s life you need to be a trained professional, but nothing could be further from the truth! Effective youth ministry is done by people who take the time to be a part of a student’s life; from old to young, cool to nerdy, trained or untrained. The only requirement is presence, empathy and a willingness to build up the next generation from within our community.

To get more information on how to plug in, email the Interim Director of studentLife at  Click the link below to fill out the leadership application!


studentLife Leader Application