Samantha Campbell #wearecommunitychurch sample

Samantha Campbell

  • Recently Baptized with her kids – recently joined worship ministry.
  • Taking faith seriously again.
  • Has attended Community Church on and off for 10 years, last 6 months steady, new commitment.


“My faith never went anywhere. I’ve always had it, but I’ve never been active in the church. I’ve never felt worthy. I see people serving and they’re like a light. I never saw myself as that person. I’ve made mistakes. I was a mom with two children, I wasn’t married. I was like hmmm… I probably don’t fit in. Finally I said ‘nope, this is what we’re doing. I want to be that person.’”

“I never understood what it meant to live intentionally for God … and what to do with that or how to do it. Then something kind of hit me on the head (probably my dad when he asked me why I wasn’t singing in church on Sundays). I love singing. I never thought I was good enough, but everything just sort of gets lifted off you when you give it up to God. Now I can see a clear path. This is what I’m supposed to do.”

“There was this day my son and I were arguing, I’m a fighter but on this day I walked away and prayed. I asked God to give me the strength to not fight with him. Suddenly I was calm. I believe in God, I know he’s there. I’ve prayed before but I’ve never felt that before. After that I knew we had to go back to church.”



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