The Well is a quarterly service with an extended time of worship, a brief teaching or devotional and fresh and engaging ways to experience worship. We have designed these gathering times to be focused on worship and creating space for us to make a unique or deepening connection with the God that we worship.

Why “The Well?”
In Jesus’ day, a well represented a place of refreshment, respite for the weary, and a source of life to those who would partake of its water. Likewise, we need to find similar spaces in our life where we seek refreshment, take a moment of respite, and reacquaint ourselves with our source of life, Jesus Christ. Also, Jesus did his most significant teaching about worship, in John 4, at a well where he took time out of his travels and made space for a marginalized woman and answered her questions about life’s greatest pursuit, the worship of God.

Future dates for The Well will be published in the bulletin, weekly eNews,  and Facebook. Stay Tuned!

If you would like more information contact Worship Arts Director, Eric Barz at or by calling the church 989.773.3641